HELP My Child Has ADHD Book CoverWith wit and gentleness, Lydia recounts her sensitive perceptions of the ups and downs, rewards and frustrations of life with her ADHD (Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity) child, Chris.  The beginning quote sets the tone, “To have courage for whatever comes in life–everything lies in that.”

As the mother of an adult ADHD son, Lydia Herrera has been in the trenches where you may now find yourself.  She has experienced first-hand the frustrations, challenges, and self-doubts as well as the joys that you may be experiencing in your life as a parent of an ADD or ADHD child.

In this account of her experiences while raising her ADHD son, Lydia shares her mother’s heart as she talks about her daily struggles in an interesting and engaging way.  But she doesn’t leave you there.  In her story, Lydia offers helpful ideas and strategies for you to consider.   You may have a few “Aha” moments, and you will probably get some “Oh, I can do that” ideas.

What separates this book from others in this arena is Lydia has “walked the walk” (this is not all book learning), so you know you can trust her message.  You will laugh, cry, and learn a great deal as you read this book.  You will also find one of the most important tools in parenting – HOPE.  Yes, hope for you as you love your ADD/ADHD child and help him or her succeed each day.   As she often says when speaking with parents who desire to make a difference for their ADD/ADHD child, “Yes, there IS hope for your child’s future.  If I can do it, you can do it!”


What Others Are Saying

“Lydia writes this book out of love, and the desire to offer hope to anyone raising a child with Attention Deficit / Hyperactive Disorder- ADHD.   Lydia does a wonderful job in her book of describing the frustrations, struggles and joys of raising a child with ADHD… as Lydia describes in her book, when raising a child with ADHD (or ADD), on good days you learn to cope.  On bad days you simply try to muster the courage to face another day.  It is hard, but can be so rewarding.”

Jack Conrad, author
Father of two ADHD children

“Mother of four ADD and ADHD children”]Lydia has stated some really profound truths that I too have experienced and ring a chord in me. ‘As I look back, the very persistence that drove me crazy at times is drawing him toward his destiny.’ Likewise, her comments about acknowledging your strengths and letting go of weaknesses picked up from our parents are very helpful and encouraging. From the scrapbook Lydia gave Chris to the Mother’s Day Card he gave to her, the book is full of memories and practical solutions on how to handle challenges and the ‘downward spiral’ that can happen when behavior and attitudes get out of hand. Thanks Lydia–well done!”

Belinda Mooney, author
Mother of four ADD and ADHD children


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