How has your ADHD child’s behavior embarrassed you?

How has your ADHD child’s behavior embarrassed you?

  • 8 Jun, 2017
  • Lydia Herrera
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I could feel myself getting angrier by the minute.

My parents had just come from out of town for a visit, and I was so happy to be going out to dinner with them.  But as we waited for our food, my ADHD son, Chris, was getting more and more agitated.

He wouldn’t sit still; he was crawling all over the booth bench, then getting under the table.  He responded loudly and disrespectfully when I asked him to settle down.

He wouldn’t play quietly with the toys I had so carefully chosen to take with us.  The crayons the restaurant provided ended up on the floor rolling in the way of the server.

When Chris spilled his milk, I lost it.

I was embarrassed by his behavior.  I was imagining the negative thoughts going through my mom’s mind. And I was ready to choke my son.

I grabbed his arm, and practically dragged him out of the restaurant all the while fuming as everyone watched the spectacle.

Does that sound familiar?  Has something like that happened with your ADHD child?

That day was a wake-up call for me.

I couldn’t sleep that night as I remembered the embarrassment I felt, especially since I didn’t know how to get my son under control.

I made a vow that night to figure out how to make a major change in what I was doing (because what I was doing wasn’t working);  and to get help.

If that’s where you find yourself today, I want to give you good news.

You can figure out how to help your ADHD child, too.

The vow I made to myself that night made all the difference for him . . . and for me.

  • I learned how to get my son to cooperate without having to yell all the time.
  • I learned how to discipline him effectively when he needed it.
  • I learned how to lower my frustration level so anger was no longer my constant companion.
  • I learned to see and feel good about my son’s good qualities.

If you’re ready to learn those strategies for yourself, I’m here to help.

I invite you to schedule a FREE Private call with me.  Let’s talk about the challenges you are having with your ADHD child and how to make changes so that your child can experience success.  Click here now.

Remember, things don’t have to stay the same.  But you will have to do something different.

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