Is life out of control with your ADHD child?

Is life out of control with your ADHD child?

  • 8 Jun, 2017
  • Lydia Herrera
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Is the frustration level in your home (and your life) going through the roof?

Stress and frustration are very familiar to moms (and dads) of ADHD kids.  Turmoil seems to be a permanent member of the family.

Your child doesn’t listen.  And when he does, he forgets.

Getting your child to do routine tasks is like a battle.  You have to remind.  You end up yelling. You’re feeling exhausted by all the drama.

She fights taking her medication.  She isn’t hungry … then she’s starving.

You have things that need to get done, but you’re having to referee a sibling argument that’s getting out of control.

In fact, you lose control … it’s just so overwhelming.

Does that sound familiar?

Boy, looking back, I can remember so vividly those days.  I was exhausted.  I felt like I was chasing one disaster after another.  Turmoil and drama surrounded me daily.

Life was not fun.

I cried often.  I lost patience a lot.  I was afraid that I wasn’t strong enough to be a good mom for my son.  I felt like a failure.  I worried about his future.

I knew I had to do something.  But what?

How could I change what was going on so I could get control of the situation?

With a little help, I took a step back to notice and recognize what was out of my control:


  • My son is ADHD. There’s nothing I can do about that.
  • He got distracted.
  • His energy level was off the charts.
  • He needed attention
  • He needed firm discipline
  • He needed consistency

Those were facts of life for my son.

But, I also realized, there were some things that I could control:


  • I could learn some strategies for discipline
  • I could draw the line on behavior that was unacceptable and be consistent in not letting him get away with stuff
  • I could say ‘no’ to activities that were putting pressure on our schedule and on me
  • I could set up routines so that our son would know what to expect
  • I could take time to rest so I wouldn’t be so crabby, impatient, and quick to react negatively
  • I could hug him more often so my heart would soften and not be so angry all the time

Taking control helped me see that I wasn’t helpless … or hopeless.

Small changes made a difference – in my son’s behavior and in my attitude.

Did things turn around right away?  NAH!

But, I felt myself being calmer because I had skills that worked.  I knew what to do instead of second-guessing myself.

As I got better with those skills, my son started to respond better.  Why?  Because he wasn’t getting away with bad behavior like before when I was wimpy.  His arguing didn’t change my mind or make me give in.  I didn’t have to yell like before.

I began to grow my confidence.  Life wasn’t so overwhelming.

Added bonus . . . I discovered I sleep better when I’m confident and not worried about what tomorrow may bring.

Are you ready to sharpen your parenting skills?

You only get one go around with your kids.  Click here to start today.

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