Your child’s ADHD can look like a giant … Is that what you see?

Your child’s ADHD can look like a giant … Is that what you see?

  • 1 Jun, 2017
  • Lydia Herrera

For a long time, I felt like I was battling a GIANT.

Our son’s diagnosis of ADHD with learning disabilities felt daunting.

Oh, I knew he was a “busy” boy and struggling in school; but ADHD?

As I looked around at other kids in his class or the children of friends and neighbors . . .

  • I saw no one with the challenges my son had.
  • No one was struggling with the parenting issues I faced every day.
  • No one had to meet with the teacher regularly to discuss classroom behavior or distractibility.
  • No one was as frustrated and worried as I was.

I felt alone, isolated, and exhausted.

As I look back, I can see that I felt hopeless.  What were we going to do?  Who could I turn to for help?  What would we have to do differently so our family could get through this?

Yes, I felt hopeless.  And not sure where or how to find help.

Looking back, I’m reminded of an old bible story about hope.  Stay with me here … I’m not trying to proslytize you.  This is good!

Have you heard of David & Goliath?  You may have heard this story as a kid.

Remember?  The Israelites and the Philistines were in a battle.  And the Philistines had a ‘not-so-secret’ weapon … Goliath.

He was a giant of a man.  Ten feet tall, strong, and fearless.

The Israelites had no one anywhere near that size to fight him.  No other soldier would volunteer.  The Israelites were being bullied and taunted.

The battle looked hopeless.

Long story short … along comes David, a shepherd boy.  He is shocked at the size of the giant; but he is more shocked to see that no soldier is brave enough to even try to battle him.

Pause the story:

Is ADHD a giant you are facing?

Does it seem insurmountable?  Does it have you shaking in your boots?  Are you wondering how to face it and win?

Back to the story . . .

This young shepherd boy, David, has an answer for the giant.  He has fought a giant before.  He killed a bear and a lion in order to save his father’s sheep from danger.

He KNOWS he can do this.

David goes into battle against the giant with his sling shot; and, as the story goes, he hits Goliath with a stone smack dab where it does the most damage and down goes the giant.

The Israelites were hopeless and yet hope appeared in a most unlikely way.  And the victory was theirs.

When you think of your challenges with ADHD and your child, does it feel like you’re facing a giant?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Do you wonder if there’s hope?

What would hope look like for you and your child?

Fewer tantrums and outbursts?  Less yelling at your kid?  More cooperation with routines and homework?  Peaceful mealtimes?

What are you willing to do to make that hope become a reality?  It’s possible that small adjustments in what you are doing now can make a difference in how you and your child respond to each other and what can be accomplished.

Hope and your victory may come from a place you don’t recognize and least expect.  Seek the help you need.  Don’t “poo poo” information, support or encouragement from a source that seems unlikely until you give it a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

The “battle” is not lost … unless you don’t try to make changes  . . . or you give up.

When it comes to your child … NEVER stop trying … NEVER give up!

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